BELIEVE 1994 - 1997

JULY, 1994

Daniel & Cheri debut Believe
@ Austin's Chicago House Open Mic Night


MAY, 1995
Daniel returns to Fort Worth to take care of his partner, John, who lost his battle w/ AIDS in October, '96.

Daniel returns to Austin 

JULY, 1997

Daniel & Cheri record Believe, w/ David Breaux on additional guitars, bass + percussion.

original demo co-written w/ Daniel's first partner, John Hofstrand

BelieveDaniel Link
00:00 / 03:48

official video from the Austin Music Network Special "Daniel Link Band Live"

Daniel Link & Cheri Chilcote duo formed

"It's ironic to me that the first song I recorded in Austin was Believe, because at the time I had absolutely no faith in myself.  But I wrote it with John, and he had a way of seeing me in ways no one else could at the time.


Cheri would drive up to Fort Worth in those days, and the three of us would hang out with guitars and a baby grand piano and sing Believe & I Still Need You Tonight over & over.  We would get goose bumps, because our voices blended so beautifully together.  

The plan was that one day, John would come down to Austin & record with us.  But he didn't make it.  After he died, I moved back to Austin so Cheri & I could carry on with our music, in John's honor."

"By the time we filmed this video, I had built the band around Cheri & I, but I wanted David Breaux to sit in with us on keys, since he was the guy who filled John's musical shoes, recorded the Believe demo and subsequent EP Out of the Silence that followed.  This performance of Believe captures the essence of our musical chemistry and continuity."


Daniel recovers from drug & alcohol abuse


ALTAR BOY 1998 - 1999

"The impact from John's death, and finding myself newly sober a year later was a fundamental shift in my life trajectory.  Not only did I have to find out who I was without John, but I had to discover who I was under years of addiction.  While I knew I was a good songwriter, I had no idea what I was doing, or even if I could navigate the music industry as a serious musician.  I didn't know if I was good enough to be a working musician.  

I wasn't sure if my songwriting would be the same either.  It was this questioning and inner exploration that led me to write Altar Boy."

Altar BoyDaniel Link
00:00 / 05:48

previously unreleased version 

from the Color of Rain sessions


Daniel & Cheri begin booking local gigs at local coffee houses & become the darlings of the Borders Books & Music circuit.


The duo returns to David Breaux @ Cutting Edge Studio in South Austin to record the debut EP Out of the Silence.

welcome to the stage

Nature Of LoveDaniel Link
00:00 / 04:39

original studio version

David Breaux tracking guitar on Nature of Love



JANUARY launches

Out of the Silence debut EP releases


Out of the Silence debuts at #5, peaks #1's Top 40 Albums


Altar Boy debuts at #4, peaks #1's Top 40 Singles


Constant Faithfulness named AIDS Walk Austin Theme Song, Daniel & Cheri headline, playing for an audience of 50,000

Constant FaithfulnessDaniel Link
00:00 / 04:37


I Still Need You Tonight 1st Place Winner,
Austin Songwriter's Competition

original track 

I Still Need You TonightArtist Name
00:00 / 04:41

Daniel & Cheri after accepting 1st place "Best Country Song" for I Still Need You Tonight at Austin's legendary blue's club, Antones




Daniel begins production for 

new CD, Ghost Stories

Daniel builds first full band

preliminary take w/ core band players

01 Ghost 1411kbps.wavArtist Name
00:00 / 03:16

Cheri goes to part time performing to raise her boys, but continues to do studio work for Ghost Stories

Out of the Silence gets rave review from Larry Flick, Editor & Chief of Billboard


Daniel Link Band headlines 1st SXSW Out Showcase w/ Amy Ray (Indigo Girls)

"I've been very lucky, in that I met incredibly influential in the local music scene early on.  Xanna Don't being one of the first.  She believed in me so much, and really fought to get my placement in SXSW's first "out" showcase.  Initially, my application for a featured showcase spot was rejected.  But Xanna literally campaigned for me, and within days, I was notifed of my official showcase spot."

(right) Xanna Don't, Daniel & Ann Brown. SXSW 2001


Daniel meets & hires Chelle Murrey, vocals

alternative mix, Chelle Murrey vocal mix

01 Someone in Austin (alt mix)Artist Name
00:00 / 04:18


Ghost Stories recording sessions continue


Daniel Link Band plays 911 event


Daniel releases preview cut of  Seance on KOOP FM

early mix

Seance (early mix)Artist Name
00:00 / 04:23



Ghost Stories  CD Release @ Sky Lounge, Austin, TX.


Someone in Austin goes into rotation on
KGSR 107.9 FM, MAJIC 95.5 FM, KOOP 90.5 FM

radio broadcast

Daniel Link - KGSR Sound of Our Town (SoDaniel Link
00:00 / 07:02

Austin Mayor Gus Garcia proclaims

July 12, Daniel Link Day


Ghost Stories  receives rave review in Billboard



Daniel Link Band tours regionally


Daniel begins residency at  Saxon Pub, w/ Bob Schneider 


Daniel Link Band  Austin Music Network Special filmed


Believe (Live) video enters heavy rotation on Austin Music Network


Someone in Austin #2 ON 95.5 FM MAJIC of Austin Music, 2002 Top 20 Countdown 


Daniel & band hit the road, playing exhaustively to packed houses across Texas

Daniel & band make numerous television appearances & headline music festivals

"2003 was a good year of hard core gigging.  While our playing had become air tight...the set list was beginning to become stale...we'd been playing and promoting the same music for three years now.  By the end of the year, we had all but disbanded.  In hindsight, it was a natural creative evolution for all of us.  To this day, I'm still very close with Cheri & Chelle."

official video "Good Life"

Daniel & band perform Good Life live on Austin's FOX 7 morning show.  (right)

" Stage view of our full house South by Southwest showcase, at Rainbow Cattle Company in Austin.  It was a dream come walk into my first SXSW showcase, with a killer band, a very successful record and a terrific review in Billboard.  I'll never forget the feeling playing that first song for that crowd in that was incredible, a moment frozen in time for me."

"The humanity displayed here is accessible to anyone who’s ever felt left of societies center. And the music is potent enough to work for those who simply want sweet melodies and memorable hooks." 


Larry Flick,





"The humanity displayed here is accessible to anyone who’s ever felt left of societies center. And the music is potent enough to work for those who simply want sweet melodies and memorable hooks." 


Larry Flick,




"With its Stevie Nicks/Belladonna album cover homage and its country-tinged pop songs ( the best of which include "Tangled," "Someone In Austin," "True Perspective," "Be Home Soon," "Christine," and "Telepathy" ) , Austin-based Daniel Link's Ghost Stories ( LOAM ) fulfills and expands on the promise of 2000's Out Of The Silence."

Gregg Shapiro,

Windy City Times



"Link is an accomplished tunesmith.  But two other things stand out on "Color of Rain" - Link's resilient voice, which recalls Michael Stipe's at times and Big's arrangement of countless instruments and backup vocals"    

Michael Barnes.

Entertainment Editor



"Book of Shadows is polished, evoking the Wallflowers as much as Elvis Costello in a Southwest alt-rock kind of way. 

Loren Bienvenu.

Music Writer

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