Full Moon Listening Party

SEPTEMBER 10, 2022


About tonight’s moon

Moonrise: 7:53 PM

Full Moon: 4:07 AM


Tonight’s Harvest moon is in Pisces, so you'll feel a deeper connection to your emotions and dreams.


The Harvest Moon represents a time for emotional clarity. At harvest time, we reap what we sow. It's a time for looking back at the past year to see what changes you've made and how you've grown.

This is also a time for letting go of things that aren't working for you. Maybe you end a relationship that's no longer fulfilling or you make career changes.

In astrology, the Harvest Moon illuminates your feelings and emotions, so it's a good time of the year for spiritual breakthroughs.

The playlist features songs that will help you reflect & connect to the energies associated with tonight's Full Moon.  You can easily download any or all of the songs by naming your own price for each!