Full Moon Music Ritual & Listening Party
This special playlist/album & all songs are now available for streaming

+ free download for the duration of tonight's Super Full Moon.


Once you click the play button for track 1, the playlist will advance automatically in sequence.  Just sit back and let the music, moonlight & magick in.  All are meant to be shared...

Encore! April 8, 2020

now available

until moonset: April 9, 8:00 am Mountain time

about tonight's Super Full Moon

The Libra Super Full Moon on April 7-8th, is the brightest and boldest of the year and its message is just as strong. It reminds us that we are all in this together and we each have a role to play through our vibration, actions, and how we come together to support others.

about tonight's Full Moon Ritual

The song sequence is designed to facilitate the ritual, with each song raising specific spiritual energy.


One of the most beautifully profound truths about the Full Moon is that no matter the distance between us, we can look at the Moon in the same moment...and share a deeply felt connection to each other, to ourselves, to Spirit and to nature.

So many of you that I've invited are singularly important and cherished. Some of you are still in close orbit to my life, others remain part of my distant past...just as poignant, precious and dear to me.

Whatever your beliefs, this is simply an opportunity to connect under the light of the Moon & Magick of Music.

All you need: Yourself, liquid libation of choice, (twist a blunt if you want), your sound system cranked up and a view of the moon. (Clothing optional.  I mean.  Why not?)

stars that shine under the Moonlight

featured players on tonight's music

Chelle Murrey (co-writer: Brave the Outside - and happy birthday Chelle! )

Jono Manson (Vocals & Guitars: Last Day of Winter, Jillian, Saving Grace)

Cyd Cassone (Vocals & Percussion: Color of Rain)

Daniel Murphy (Lead Guitar: Brave the Outside, Saving Grace)

guides, healers, witches & angels

bringing balance to the moment of surrender

connect & comment 



"The humanity displayed here is accessible to anyone who’s ever felt left of societies center. And the music is potent enough to work for those who simply want sweet melodies and memorable hooks." 


Larry Flick,




"With its Stevie Nicks/Belladonna album cover homage and its country-tinged pop songs ( the best of which include "Tangled," "Someone In Austin," "True Perspective," "Be Home Soon," "Christine," and "Telepathy" ) , Austin-based Daniel Link's Ghost Stories ( LOAM ) fulfills and expands on the promise of 2000's Out Of The Silence."

Gregg Shapiro,

Windy City Times



"Link is an accomplished tunesmith.  But two other things stand out on "Color of Rain" - Link's resilient voice, which recalls Michael Stipe's at times and Big's arrangement of countless instruments and backup vocals"    

Michael Barnes.

Entertainment Editor



"Book of Shadows is polished, evoking the Wallflowers as much as Elvis Costello in a Southwest alt-rock kind of way. 

Loren Bienvenu.

Music Writer

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