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Full Moon Listening Party I Snow Moon I STREAMING AVAILABLE 02/04/23 - 02/06/23


Tonight's Full Moon is in the outgoing sign of Leo.  While we are in the heart of winter & Aquarius season...a time for quiet introspection & solitude, the Full Moon in Leo invites us to shine outward towards our passion for life & the people we love...take pride in the courage of our convictions, & walk boldly into our dreams...without apology.  The New Moon a few weeks ago was in Aquarius, the dominant sign of winter...Leo is Aquarius' direct opposite, the ruler of summer.  Where Leo says "lighten up, have a little fun!"...Aquarius balances by saying "Chill out cool." Each is a fixed sign, which means they can be stubborn in their own way. 


Ultimately, these two signs rely on the other's unique strength...and tonight loyal Leo is encouraging us to take to heart in what the enlightenment of Aquarius has taught us.  The Full Moon in Leo is shining the light on the quiet beauty of the falling snow. 

Tonight's setlist is a collection of "up tempo" songs (Leo energy), with insightful, introspective lyrics (Aquarius energy).  In fact, the song "Believe" was co-written with my late partner, John Hofstrand, who was a Leo...and Aquarius.  

Leo's need a healthy dose of affection & the setlist closes with a rare live version of "Worship Me."  While the recording quality is Lo-Fi, it was a great performance from one of my acoustic, lakeside gigs at Mozart's in Austin, Texas....back in 2008.

Other highlights on tonight's playlist...

"Save Me a Place"...a Fleetwood Mac cover written by Lindsey Buckingham.  I was very fortunate to be joined by blues legend Catfish Hodge, and Grammy nominated singer songwriter Vince Bell (who's music has been covered by Lucinda Williams & Lyle Lovett).  

Another jewel in tonight's music is "South of Your Borders", co-written by my buddy James Odle Jr.  My dear friend Chelle Murrey joins me on vocals...which really brought this song up several notches.  It's a very light hearted, fun song...perfect for tonight's Snow Moon.

Hope you enjoy tonight's music!  If you hear something you like, you can snag a download from your favorite music platform.  

See you under the Light of the Moon,


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